The world is moving forward to make energy more sustainable and available to everyone, accelerating access to it. For this reason, the sugarcane agroindustry invests and develops processes to achieve energy efficiency, accomplishing high-level progress in the area of renewable energies, supporting the energy matrices of the different countries and generating development and energy security.

Renewable energy from sugarcane reduces greenhouse gases and improves access to electricity. Thereby, it allows the reduction of energy dependency on third parties, is an excellent opportunity to generate employment and it increases the economic activity.

Waste is a major environmental problem, but it can have great energy potential that must be exploited. Sugarcane is one of the crops with the greatest capacity to convert solar energy into biomass. That is why we work from one of the basic principles of the circular economy. We reuse waste to generate new products and thereby contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gases.

At UNALA, we work to promote the development of renewable energies from sugarcane and support the creation of regional public policies that can serve as support to improve production and access for responsible production and consumption.

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