Ledesma S.A. understands that the private sector plays a key role in the progress of society, and therefore contributes with sustainability policies for the development of our province of Jujuy, aligning its economic growth with local progress and environmental care.

To this end, the company works in coordination with public and private institutions and civil society organizations, accompanying schools in their improvement plans, providing infrastructure, pedagogical and technological resources, facilitating projects and providing annual training to the teaching community in the region, thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of education.

This is the fourth year that Ledesma’s Community Relations Department has developed the Improvement Plan in Language and Mathematics in primary education with Editorial Logos. So far, since 2021, more than 2,000 students, 60 teachers and 15 directors from 3 educational institutions in Libertador General San Martín have been trained in the different programs.

The plan consists of the classroom implementation of two educational programs that are monitored on an annual basis and are accompanied by specialists from Ediciones Logos, a renowned organization in the world of education in Argentina:

The literacy program “Aprendo Leyendo” (I Learn by Reading) is a classroom program, which aims to help students reach an optimal level of reading comprehension at an early age, and is implemented in 1st and 2nd grade. It is specially developed so that, through it, children acquire accuracy, automaticity and reading fluency.

It consists of activity booklets and reading books for first and second grade students and a teacher’s manual for each grade level manager in the three educational institutions targeted by the improvement plan.

In 2024, 1122 booklets for students, 30 storybooks and 7 teacher’s manuals were delivered according to the enrollment of each of the educational institutions.

The mathematical skills program “Matepractic” is applied as a practical and didactic method that helps students to acquire mathematical skills by putting into practice the mathematics that students have learned in class in everyday life contexts; it diagnoses, develops and evaluates mathematical skills through a digital platform that adapts to each student.

The company also donates technological equipment that allows students not only to develop mathematical skills, but also digital skills.

During the year, we conducted face-to-face and virtual training sessions for teachers in charge of implementing educational programs to motivate them by providing them with innovative tools.

In 2022 and 2023 we conducted satisfaction surveys to 3 major stakeholders of the educational community: directors, teachers and students’ parents, who valued the quality and potential of the program and were very satisfied with the proposed contents and methodologies.

Thanks to this improvement plan, we are achieving a higher quality of education in the schools N°3 Enrique Wollmann, the Cooperative School and the FASTA School, Ing.

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